Farm to Fluffy

The Farm to Fluffy Saga

In the year of endless Zoom calls and homemade sourdough starters (Yes, it’s the year of the pandemic when everything shut down), Kathryn Fedus, a Manhattanite turned Maine hometown hero, embarked on a walk that would pivot her to pup-treat pioneer.

The Spark in the Park

Picture this: It’s 2020, and Kathryn, with her mom’s dog, Brooke (a pup with more charisma than most humans), by her side, is strolling through the streets of her small Maine hometown. Amid the quiet, a lightbulb moment: Why not create dog treats as kind to our furry friends as it is to Mother Earth? With zero clues but a truckload of enthusiasm, Kathryn’s journey from dog enthusiast to eco-warrior entrepreneur began.

Mission ImPawsible

Fast forward, and it’s clear Kathryn wasn’t just barking up the wrong tree. Farm to Fluffy isn’t just another brand in the pet aisle! When you see it in the aisle, you’ll know IT IS THE TREAT YOUR PUP NEEDS! Her goal? Her goal is to sprinkle every dog bowl with eco-friendly, flavor-packed, and nutrient-rich treats, making Farm to Fluffy a reality for every pup. 

The journey was peppered with setbacks. Yet, with determination, and after roping in Elise, her childhood BFF and fellow dog lover, the dream slowly but surely turned into reality. And let’s not forget Brooke, the taste-tester extraordinaire whose paw of approval was crucial in perfecting the ultimate dog treat recipe.

What sets Farm to Fluffy apart isn’t just the eco-friendly badge; our treats for dogs are transparent, protein-packed, and downright delicious.  

In crafting Farm to Fluffy, Kathryn wove a story of love, resilience, and the unbreakable bond between humans and their four-legged friends. Farm to Fluffy is more than just a business; it has put passion and a lot of heart into creating healthy snacks for dogs.

Kathryn, Brooke, and the entire Farm to Fluffy family prove that sometimes, the best ideas come when you least expect them – like on a casual walk with your dog! 🐾



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