A Tale About
Compassion, Determination,
and Companionship

In 2020, Kathryn had an idea

During the pandemic, Kathryn left the bustling city of Manhattan and returned to her small hometown in Maine. Kathryn has always had a passion for dogs and animals. In fact, as a child, she wanted to become a veterinarian. With some extra time on her hands, Kathryn took long walks around the neighborhood with her mom’s dog, Brooke, a fun-loving newfypoo. During one of these walks, the idea struck her to create a healthy, eco-friendly dog treat – a tribute to her compassion for all creatures. She had no idea where to start, just that she needed to.

Let's Get Cooking

If you know Kathryn, she never does anything small. Kathryn wanted to reach as many pups as possible with her innovative product. So, she began meeting with manufacturers nationwide to find the ideal partner to produce her dog treats. There were setbacks and delays, of course. But Kathryn never gave up and slowly built the business, eventually convincing her childhood best friend and dog mom, Elise, to come along for the ride. Kathryn spent months fine-tuning the treat and testing it with her beloved sidekick, Brooke, until the perfect recipe was formulated. Farm to Fluffy was born!

Dog Treats with nothing to hide

Farm to Fluffy is a brand that speaks to those who see their pets as family. Kathryn wanted the recipe to be clean with ingredients that were as easy to understand as possible. Nothing weird, nothing artificial. Protein-forward and air-dried to lock in nutrients and flavor. Something dog moms and dog dads could trust and pups would love! We are proud to say that Farm to Fluffy is all of this, in addition to being a beacon of environmental responsibility, utilizing upcycled ingredients and recycled packaging. Kathryn’s story is more than an entrepreneurial journey. It’s a narrative about love, resilience, and the profound connections with our animal companions.

A life-long mission

But we are not stopping there. We are on a mission to raise standards across the industry. We are also committed to crafting eco-friendly dog treats and sustainable toys that bring joy to our furry friends and show a deep love and respect for our planet. With every delightful chew and play session, our dogs are not only happier, but we are also contributing to a healthier, greener world.