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How to Treat Bloodshot Eyes in Dogs?

Ever found yourself wincing as your furry buddy gazes up at you with those watery, bloodshot eyes? You’re not alone. Those puppy-dog eyes mirror your concern, waiting for a solution to their discomfort.

Bloodshot eyes in dogs are more than just a cosmetic issue—they’re a sign that something’s not quite right. Whether it’s exposure to irritants or something as simple as their feeding bowls, these pesky eye problems demand your attention. And just like you, when allergy season hits, pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds can exacerbate the situation.

But fear not! Instead of frantically searching the web for solutions, at Farm to Fluffy we’ve compiled a list of actionable steps to guide you through treating your pup’s eyes and restoring their comfort

Consult Your Vet First

How to Treat Bloodshot Eyes in Dogs?

Before diving into DIY treatments, it’s essential to have your vet pinpoint the cause of those bloodshot eyes. Whether it’s smoke, pesky fumes, pollen, or dusty adventures, they’ll recommend the best course of action, using steroids, shots, or soothing topical meds. Trust your vet to lead the way to your pup’s eye health!

Sneaky Allergens

Allergens can be as sneaky, and one common culprit for those bloodshot eyes in dogs is food allergies. But fear not, we’ve got a plan to tackle this issue head-on! Here’s a checklist of all you need to do:

  1. Cleanliness is Key: Keep your pup’s bowls and bedding spotless to minimize exposure to those pesky allergens hiding in plain sight. 
  2. Splish Splash, It’s Bath Time: Always treat your furry friend to a spa-worthy bath after outdoor adventures using an allergy-friendly shampoo. 
  3. Play Food Detective: Keep a close watch on your pup’s diet, avoiding common allergens like grains, beef, chicken, and dairy. Consider switching to hypoallergenic food options specially crafted to keep those allergies at bay. These superhero foods are gentle on sensitive stomachs and can help your pup maintain those bright and clear peepers.
  4. Stay Vigilant: Keep an eagle eye on your pup for any signs of discomfort or changes in behavior. It’s all about being one step ahead and ensuring your furry friend stays happy and healthy.

Tips for Optimal Eye Health

How to Treat Bloodshot Eyes in Dogs?

Trim Their Eye Fur for a Stylish Look

Give your pup a snazzy makeover by trimming the hair around their eyes. Not only will they look like a superstar, but it also helps keep their vision clear by preventing pesky irritants from getting tangled in their fur.

Watch Out for Eye Rubbing Shenanigans

Keep an eye out for any excessive eye rubbing—it could mean trouble! If your pup can’t stop the itch, a quick trip to the vet might lead to a cool, protective contact lens over their cornea. It’s like a superhero cape for their eyes!

Keep Car Rides Safe and Fun

Sure, your pup loves feeling the wind in their fur during car rides, but those flying bugs? Not so much. Keep those windows up to protect their eyes from any unexpected guests. It’s a simple trick to ensure every ride is smooth sailing for your furry co-pilot.

With these simple tips, you can keep your dog’s eyes bright and healthy. And don’t forget to reward your furry friend for being a champ at eye protection with some delicious Farm to Fluffy treats. Packed with wholesome ingredients and irresistible flavors, these treats will keep tails wagging and eyes sparkling with joy. 



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