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Can Cats Eat Dog Treats?

Cats and dogs: the timeless adversaries in the pet world. Yet, beneath their playful rivalry lies a common ground—they’re both cherished and oh-so-adorable! But when it comes to treats, can we satisfy their taste buds equally? Let’s explore the answer to Can Cats Eat Dog Treats?

Can Cats Eat Dog Treats?

Treats are formulated for each pet, not Both!

Cats are natural-born carnivores, with a diet that revolves around meaty goodness. Protein is their top priority, no questions asked! Dogs, however, are more like culinary adventurers—they can handle both meat and plant-based foods like champs. While cats may have a strict meat-only policy, it doesn’t mean they can’t dabble in other treats. Just be cautious; some ingredients might not sit well with their sensitive stomachs.

Ingredients in Treats – Safe for Dogs, Toxic for Cats

To all the pet parents pulling double duty with cats and dogs, kudos for your balancing act!

It’s not uncommon for both furballs eyeing the same food bowl like it’s the last supper, despite having their own spots. It’s a furry custody battle over the snack zone! Now, while pets sharing treats is cute, be cautious. Watch out for certain ingredients in dog treats that aren’t cat-friendly: propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, onion, and garlic. 

Though tasty for pups, they can upset your kitty’s tummy. Even with biscuit treats, a quick ingredient check ensures everyone’s happy and healthy.

Key Differences That Differentiate Cat Treats from Dogs


Let’s break it down! Cats need amino acids like taurine and arginine to stay healthy. Unlike dogs, they can’t produce these on their own, so it’s up to us to include them in their treats. Meanwhile, dogs have it covered—they can make their own taurine. So, when choosing cat treats, we need to make sure they’re full of protein goodness to keep our kitties happy and healthy.


Cat treats may be small, but they pack a punch! It’s important not to overdo it with large portions to avoid any tummy troubles for your furry friend. Keep those treats bite-sized and watch your cat purr with delight!

The Fats

Here’s a furry fact to chew on: when it comes to treats, there’s a sneaky concern lurking in the shadows. Dog treats tend to be higher in fats, and that spells trouble for our feline friends. Cats can easily pile on the pounds, leading to weight gain and even obesity. 

What Happens If My Cat Ate Dog Treats

Since dog treats are tailored for our canine pals, they might not be the safest bet for our feline friends. While a nibble here and there might not cause immediate harm, it’s vital to inspect the ingredients list. If your cat seems unfazed, keep a watchful eye on her and chat with your vet if any concerns pop up. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to our precious pets!

When it comes to treats, it’s all about finding the perfect match for your furry friend’s needs. That’s where Farm to Fluffy treats come in—they’re not just made for dogs, they’re crafted by dog lovers who understand the importance of tailoring treats to your pet’s unique palate and dietary requirements. 

So, while sharing treats between cats and dogs might seem convenient, remember to prioritize their safety and well-being by choosing treats specifically designed for each of them. And with Farm to Fluffy treats, you can trust that your pets are getting nothing but the best, made with love and care from fellow pet enthusiasts.



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