About Us

Treats that are healthy for your dog and our planet

Kathryn has always had a love for for animals, but dogs have always captured her heart. Kathryn created Farm to Fluffy because she wanted to create a treat that is healthy for your dog and our planet. We hope to continue to create products that will have a positive impact on your dog’s health as well as our planet’s health. 

Love the earth, it's the only planet with dogs.

We reduce your pup's carbon pawprint

Farm to Fluffy is founded by Kathryn who saw a big opportunity in making food waste into dog treats, as a healthy and sustainable option for our loved ones. Globally we lose nearly $1 trillion annually in wasted food which contributes to landfills and increases human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Farm to Fluffy aims to reduce this environmental impact by using this food to make delicious and healthy treats for your dog. What better way to reduce your pup’s carbon pawprint?